Tips to keep your skin hydrated and nourished


Your skin is the most important jewel of your body. You need to take good care of it to keep it glowing, healthy, and hydrated at all times. In this blog, we will tell you the best tips which will help you take the perfect care of your hair and skin at all times.


  1. Drink lots of water- “Sleep, drink water, and treat your skin.” The basic remedy to cure dry skin is drinking lots of water. As water evaporates much more quickly from our skins during winters, the sensible thing would be to drink plenty of water and letting it hydrate our body. Water also helps in flushing out the toxins giving your skin a fresh feel. An average of 6-8 glasses is recommended every day to keep yourself healthy and fit. Make sure you schedule a time or set an alarm during your busy schedule, sip a glass of water, and continue with your tasks. If you still face trouble from dry, flaky skin, you can choose Nature’s Absolutes organic Apricot Oil; the perfect remedy for dry skin.


  1. Invest in a good Moisturizer- Experiencing dry and flaky skin is a quite common problem due to chilly weather. Another cure to this can be to get yourself a moisturizer. Moisturizer helps to keep your skin soft, supple, and hydrated. They are pocket friendly and fits in your handbag too. They have a wide range of flavors such as coconut oil, castor oil, buttermilk, etc

Tip- before buying, always check out the reviews of the product.

  1. Take short showers- Taking hot and steamy showers for long is tempting in this season, but it doesn’t do any good to your skin. It will take away all the essential oils from your body making your skin itchy, red, and dry.

Tip- Set up a time limit and do not bath for more than the decided limit. 5-10 minutes of bathing in lukewarm water is enough.

  1. Eat the right food- Eating in general benefits our health, skin, and makes us strong. Eating has a direct effect on and everything going on in our bodies. Consider this! A person who drinks and eats healthy lives a much more happy and healthy life than others. Healthy eating habits like supplements that contain omega -3 or omega -6, fatty acids such as fish oil or flaxseed oil helps in improving the skin moisture from inside.
  2. Wear Comfortable Clothes- During winters, do not wear wool directly as it can cause skin irritation. The rule is, lighter clothes first and then the heavier ones. Also, make sure to cover your hands with gloves.
  3. Sunscreen in winters? : Yes, you read that right. Harsh or extreme seasons require sunscreen to protect you. Even during the darker & dreary days in winter, wear sunscreen as the sun’s harmful UV rays can damage your skin.

Tip- Go for a tiny drop of Spf15. Gently lather the sunscreen to all the areas exposed to sunlight so that it gives you effective results.

  1. Try to avoid too harsh chemicals- Using harsh skin chemical products in your daily life damages your skin, making it feel lifeless in the longer run. Choose natural products with chemical-free ingredients, preservatives, and anti-oxidant properties.
  2. Time for humidifier- Another thing that we need to keep in mind is maintaining the moisture levels. Use a humidifier to add moisture to the dry air which will help you in keeping your skin well hydrated. This will maintain the PH levels in your skin as well.
  3. Keep an essential lip balm- Chapped lips are a common problem we face in our day to day lives. This happens when we forget to drink water regularly. One of the best ways to keep our lips hydrated is to keep a pocket-sized balm and ensure to reapply it every 2 to 3 hours. Regularly applying will make your lips get back their natural color.



Skincare routine for glowing skin-

Make it a habit to follow the skincare regime twice a day. One before going to bed and the other after waking up in the morning.

Step 1- Cleanse: Wakeup in the morning, splash some warm water, and try to use a gentle face cleanser, which suits your skin type.

Step 2-Toner: Not to forget that toner not only shrinks your pores but also delivers the essential antioxidants & vitamin B required for the skin.

Step 3-Serum: Serums are creams that help with skin concerns such as Anti-aging, Dark Spots, and hyperpigmentation. If you have these skin issues, get the serum, and apply it regularly.

Step 4-Eye Creams: Make sure that you get an eye cream that has a roller ball applicator, as it’s easier to use. This step helps to improve the appearance of dark circles or the eye bags which appear to most of us today.

Step 5- Spot/scar treatment-If you also dream of clear skin, then working on this step will give you the skin you need.

Use hydroquinone (can be irritating for sensitive skin) or niacinamide as it can be used daily.

Step6-Moisturize- Do not forget to skip this important step, as all your efforts might go wasted. Make sure that you moisturize your skin every day for perfect radiance. You can also choose a purifying face mist for the perfect healthy glow.

Step 7- Face oil/ Retinol- Apply organic face oil during the morning hours of skin routine, as it helps to promote healthy glowing skin preventing fine lines of premature aging, retaining moisture, and help protect skin from sun damage. Using natural products on your skin will give you promising results over a quick period of time.

Retinol- use this during the night care routine. Gently apply it to the affected areas for great results.

Step 8-Sunscreen-  Use it in the day time. Make it a habit to use sunscreen as it helps protect you from the effects of UV rays of the sun. Make it an essential need to your daily life before stepping out of your home.


If you are looking for natural moisturizing essential oils and other products to get through winter, you can trust Nature’s Absolutes. Nature’s Absolutes guarantees 100% pure, natural, and ayurvedic products providing the best quality to you. They have a huge range of skincare items. They maintain high safety rules and regulations and sanitize their products regularly ensuring that they are safe to use. For more details on exciting deals and offers, you can log on to their website.


Always remember, “Beautiful skin begins with exceptional skincare.” Carefully investing your money in the right direction will not only improve your skin health but also make you become a confident personality in and out, bringing out the beautiful you. You are a better person when moisturized. Make sure to keep your skin bright, and shimmering even during winters with the above tips. If you liked the blog, share it with others.

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