How to use essential oils for skin and body care

The smell is amongst one of the five major senses in humans. Unlike other senses, it has the capability to uplift or degrade your mood easily. Inhaling sweet, charming fragrances calms the mind, refreshes the thoguht process, and energizes the soul. Essential Oils play the role of bringing the same scents to your nose. 

Essential oils are concentrated liquids extracted from plants, flowers, and herbs with medicinal properties. They are oils with a refreshing fragrance used for many purposes.

It is often extracted as oils and hence the name, ’Essential Oil’. There are many ways of using essential oils and incorporating them into the daily routine.

The most common approach to use essential oils is through aromatherapy. However, they can likewise be used in diffusers and humidifiers, diluted with a carrier oil, and applied to the skin.

Research suggests pure essential oils promote sound sleep, relieve headaches, migraines, and reduce stress. Moreover, essential oils can improve skin conditions, help treat the common cold, and aid in healthy digestion.

“I invite you to drink in the divine nectar of aromatic love and let it penetrate you in the deepest, most profound ways. Trust that the oils are working side-by-side to heal, regenerate, and teach you. The more you use them, the more they’ll reveal their secrets to you”― Elana Millman

Simple and sober scents, for example, lavender, chamomile, and rosewater may help keep you calm. You can inhale its aroma or apply a diluted concoction of these oils on your skin. Scientists think they work by sending chemical signals to parts of the mind that invoke pleasure and hype up the mood.



Here are some ways to use essential oils in a variety of ways:

  1. With a diffuser


A diffuser is a device that disperses vapors of the essential oil into the air. There are a few types of essential oil diffusers that you can use for this. It is always advised to follow the instructions before setting up a diffuser.

Many types of diffusers are made of:

  • ceramic
  • electric
  • candle
  • lamp rings
  • reed diffuser
  • ultrasonic

     2. Breathe in


The easiest way of inhalation is to open the bottle of the essential oil and breathe in deeply a couple of times. Yet, don't let the undiluted oil get in contact with your skin.

For steam inhalation, you can keep a bowl of hot, boiling water and a towel. Keep the bowl on a table and add about 4-5 drops of the essential oil of your choice. Cover your head with the towel as you lower your head in the bowl to take the steam in. Close your eyes and deeply breathe in the steam for a few minutes. Repeat a couple of times during the day.

     3. Dry evaporation

This method just requires some sort of dry material, for example, a cotton ball or any fabric.

Add a couple of drops of the essential oil to the material. Hold it near your nose, be aware to not touch it directly, and breathe in or let the fragrance to disperse normally.

You can add the material to the vents in your vehicle, your shirt collar, or your pillowcase

     4. Oil for skincare

You can use essential oils for your everyday skincare routine and massage in many ways. Dilute the essential oils with another carrier oil and apply the mixture to your skin. Follow a routine to make a rollerball blend with the goal so that you can use your blend easily.

Focus on tension zones, pain, and strain. You can likewise delicately rub the oil into pressure areas, for example, your temple, wrists, and behind the ear. You can also utilize the oils to massage your feet and spot a couple of drops around your nose.

     5. For bathing or showering

While it's ideal to store essential oils outside the bathroom because of moisture and mugginess, you'll find a lot of use for them here. Add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils to your body cleanser, conditioner, and shampoo.

To inhale essential oils while you shower, add a couple of drops to the shower curtains and feel enveloped in the rejuvenating fragrance. Or on the other hand, add a couple of drops of diluted essential oil to a warm washcloth that can be utilized for gently exfoliating your body.

Dilute a couple of drops of fundamental oils with another carrier oil before adding it to your bathing water.

     6. In Humidifiers

If you decide to add essential oils to your humidifier, check with the manufacturer’s instructions. Some ultrasonic humidifier manufacturers don't suggest the usage of essential oils.

To utilize basic oils in a humidifier, add a couple of drops into the water tank. The oil will normally disintegrate all through the room. For best outcomes, utilize a cool fog and clean your humidifier from time to time.




“It doesn’t get much greener than essential oils: when used correctly, they are among Mother Nature’s most potent remedies.”―Amy Leigh Mercree

There are potential risks while using essential oils. Some precautions need your immediate attention.

Check behind the bottle for the terms of usage. Check for the category of people who cant use the oil. In most cases, it is- pregnant ladies, children under 3 years of age, and old people. Sometimes, the strong fragrance of essential oils can be irksome for pets also.

Using a carrier oil: It is always advised to incorporate essential oils with certain carrier oils for dilution. This is said to lessen the overpowering fragrance and mildly spread it.

Check for skin allergies: Essential oils can irritate the skin. Try not to use essential oils on tender parts of the skin, for example, the eyes, ears, and mouth. Try not to apply them to broken, aggravated, or disturbed skin. Run a patch test on the skin before direct application.


In Conclusion,

Essential oils have several medicinal and therapeutic advantages, from skincare to relieving stress. The most well-known approach to utilize essential oils is to breathe in them, either directly out of the jug or by employing a diffuser or humidifier.

You can likewise dilute essential oils with a transporter oil and apply it directly to your skin, with precautions and as told by a skin specialist. Or on the other hand, you can get inventive and add the blend to a body wash, cleanser, or shower.

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