Peppermint Essential Oil (15ml)

Nature's Absolutes

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Nature's Absolutes brings you this pure, steam distilled peppermint essential oil with a fresh, minty fragrance that is versatile and has been coveted by people right from the time of ancient Egyptians. It is popular with aromatherapists and casual users alike for its crisp fragrance as well as the revitalizing and invigorating effect its aroma has.

Peppermint essential oil is also has a gentle, cooling effect which is why it works wonders for your hair and skin when diluted with a carrier oil and used for head and body massages. When applied to the skin, it helps control acne and is ideal for soothing sunburns. This oil also promotes hair growth, reduces hair fall, aids in managing dandruff and helps soothe an irritated scalp.

In addition to leaving your hair and skin looking healthy and vibrant, its fragrance leaves you feeling fresh and invigorated, whether diffused, added to bath water or blended with a carrier oil for a massage.

Please note that essential oils are not to be use undiluted. Use essential oils blended with carrier oils like olive oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil etc. They can be mixed into your shampoo and body lotions. You can also add essential oils to your bath water or in a diffuser. For further information on how to blend essential oils, please check the directions of use on their bottles.

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