Organic Coffee Conditioner

Nature's Absolutes

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 Nature’s Absolutes Organic Coffee  Conditioner has been a year long labor of love for the entire team at Nature’s Absolutes, that is dedicated to bringing our consumers the very best. We sourced indigenous coffee beans from Coorg, Karnataka- a place that is famous for growing beans that make the perfect cups of coffee. Using those very beans to make a coffee extract and blending them with other Ayurvedic herbs, we bring to you a conditioner that works magic on your hair.

Our organic coffee conditioner is rich in anti-oxidants which help protect hair from sun damage and pollution, making it perfect for urban life in India. Coffee extract in this conditioner helps in strengthening hair and managing hair fall. It also adds luster and improves the overall quality of hair.
Coffee extract nourishes hair and improves its overall quality; shikakai, bhringraj, bhrami, banyan tree root all strengthen hair and make them vibrant; neem, nirgundi, and vetiver help soothe an irritated scalp.
In addition, we have also blended honey, aloe vera, argan oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, cocoa beans extract, kokam butter and shea butter to boost hydration and make your hair smooth and vibrant.
A nourishing conditioner that is vegan, free from sulphates, and parabens makes it ideal for daily use.

When using this conditioner, massage it into your hair after using Nature’s Absolutes Organic Green Tea Shampoo and rinse well after a few minutes. Say hello to vibrant and bouncy hair after every wash!


  • Made with organic coffee sourced from Kodagu (Coorg), Karnataka
  • Crafted with care as a hydrating hair conditioner; perfect for Indian hair, suitable for the climate in the Indian subcontinent, and formulated to protect your hair from the harsh effects of pollution.
  • Vegan. Free from sulphates and parabens.
  • Organic Coffee extract in this conditioner adds luster, manages hair fall and adds strength to hair. Anti-oxidants in coffee protect hair from UV damage and pollution, making it perfect for daily use- all year round.
  • A unique formulation with an Indian soul; this conditioner also contains the goodness of Ayruvedic herbs like Shikakai, Bhringraj, Nirgundi, Bhrami, Neem, Banyan Tree Root and  Vetiver Root that work together to keep your hair hydrated, healthy, and vibrant.