Organic Coffee Body Cleanser

Nature's Absolutes

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Nature’s Absolutes Organic Coffee Body Cleanser has been a year long labor of love for the entire team at Nature’s Absolutes, that is dedicated to bringing our consumers the very best. We sourced indigenous coffee beans from Coorg, Karnataka- a place that is dedicated to growing beans that make the perfect cups of coffee. Using those very beans to make a coffee extract and blending them with other Ayurvedic herbs, we bring to you a body cleanser that works magic on your skin.

Our organic coffee body cleanser is rich in anti-oxidants which help protect skin from sun damage and pollution, making it perfect for urban life in India. Anti-oxidants in this body cleanser also help in keeping your skin supple and vibrant. Coffee extract nourishes skin and improves its overall quality; ashwagandha extract adds raidiance; neem, tulsi, baheda and rose extract soothe skin and keep it healthy; vetiver extract along with aloe vera give your skin an extra boost of hydration.

 A mild body cleanser that is vegan, free from sulphates, and parabens makes it ideal for daily use.


When using this body cleanser, add an adequate amount to a wet loofa and lather generously. Rinse your body with water and wash thoroughly. Have your skin stay fresh and supple all day, every day!



  • Made with organic coffee sourced from Kodagu (Coorg), Karnataka
  • Crafted with care as a hydrating body cleanser.  It is suitable for the climate in the Indian subcontinent and is formulated to protect your skin from the harsh effects of pollution.
  • Vegan. Free from sulphates and parabens.
  • Organic Coffee extract in this body cleanser helps soothe and nourish skin. Anti-oxidants in coffee protect skin from UV damage and harsh effects of pollution.  Anti-oxidants in coffee also keep skin fresh, radiant and supple.
  • A unique formulation with an Indian soul; this body cleanser also contains the goodness of Ayruvedic herbs like Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Baheda, Neem , Rose, and Vetiver that work together to keep your skin hydrated, healthy, and free from blemishes.