Hazelnut Oil – 1 Oz/30 ml





About the product

100% Natural and organic: Our oil is produced from organically grown hazelnuts and maintaining the highest standards of quality during extraction.

Coldpressed: We extract our oils using traditional cold pressing techniques and do not use any heat, hexane or any other chemical substances. With Nature’s Absolutes, you are guaranteed absolutely pure, cold pressed hazelnut oil without any compromise in its quality or the numerous benefits of this oil.

Suitable for all hair and varied skin types: Nature's Absolutes uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure that our cold pressed hazelnut oil's purity is maintained. As this oil is not adulterated with any additives or chemicals, it can be blended with other essential and carrier oils so as to create a skin and hair care routine that works most effectively for you. This oil is ideal for all hair types and dry and mature skin.

For hair care: Hazelnut oil nourishes and conditions hair making them vibrant and silky. Since it is rich in essential nutrients, it strengthens hair prone to split ends and hair fall and promotes hair growth. This oil is also ideal for taming frizzy hair and works very well on colour treated hair, making the colour vibrant and ensuring it lasts longer.

For skin care:  This oil is ideal for moisturizing dry and mature skin. It makes skin supple and aids in reducing signs of aging. When used as body oil, it hydrates skin making it smooth and soft.  Avocado oil also works as a gentle face cleanser and makeup remover.



Benefits of the oil

  1. Natural sunscreen
  2. Delay signs of ageing
  3. Natural cleanser, toner and makeup remover
  4. Say goodbye to frizzy hair
  5. Make your hair longer and stronger



Hazelnut Oil For Hair:

Nourishes dry hair and dry scalp – This oil helps soothes a dry scalp and nourishes dry hair. It also aids in taming frizzy hair, making them sleek, silky and manageable.

Prevents hair fall – Hazelnut oil is rich in essential nutrients and vitamins and helps strengthen weak, undernourished hair, preventing hair fall. It also repairs split ends and promotes hair gowth.

Ideal for colour treated hair – Hazelnut oil nourishes colour treated hair making them silky, vibrant and aiding in retaining the hair colour for a longer period of time.


Hazelnut Oil For Skin:

Natural moisturizer – Hazelnut oil is easily absorbed and is ideal for nourishing dry and mature skin.

Works as a face cleanser and makeup remover - This oil works as a gentle face cleanser by removing dust, makeup and other impurities that settle on your skin through the day.

Natural toner – Hazelnut oil has astringent properties and works as a natural toner.

Anti-aging – Essential nutrients in hazelnut oil aid in making skin supple, preventing fine lines and premature aging of skin.

This oil also works as a natural sunscreen and protects skin from sun damage.





Sun Protection Body Oil


  1. In a large bowl, mix 2 tablespoons of Nature’s Absolutes Hazelnut Oil, 2 tablespoons of Nature’s Absolutes Sesame Oil and 2 tablespoons of Nature’s Absolutes Avocado Oil.
  2. Transfer this to a dark glass or plastic bottle and apply it to your skin as a natural sunscreen.
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