Castor Oil - 6.8 Oz/200 ml



About The Product

100% Natural and organic: Our oil is produced from organically grown castor seeds, sourced from Rajasthan, India  and maintaining the highest standards of quality during extraction.

Coldpressed: We extract our oils using traditional cold pressing techniques and do not use any heat, hexane or any other chemical substances. With Nature’s Absolutes, you are guaranteed absolutely pure, cold pressed castor oil without any compromise in its quality or the numerous benefits of this oil.

Suitable for all hair and skin types: Nature's Absolutes uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure that our cold pressed castor oil's purity is maintained. As this oil is not adulterated with any additives or chemicals, it can be blended with other essential and carrier oils so as to create a skin and hair care routine that works most effectively for you.  This oil is ideal for all hair and skin types.

For hair care: Highly effective in moisturizing and nourishing hair. Castor oil aids in promoting hair growth and strengthening hair.

For skin care:  Castor oil works as a gentle and effective face cleanser; removing dust, grime and other impurities settling on the skin through the day.  As this oil is easily absorbed, it deeply hydrates the skin making it smooth and soft.



  1. Prevent hair fall and grow vibrant, healthy hair.
  2. Heal cracked heels and chipped nails
  3. Get eyebrows and eyelashes that are on fleek
  4. Hydrate and nourishes your skin
  5. Versatile and therefore an essential in your beauty routine



Castor Oil For Hair:

Nourishes dry hair and dry scalp – This oil helps regulate the secretion of the scalp’s natural oils. It also soothes a dry and irritated scalp and helps prevent dandruff.

Prevents hair fall – Castor oil is rich in essential nutrients and vitamins and helps strengthen weak, undernourished hair. It also is known to repair split ends and other damage to hair.

 Castor oil promotes hair growth and prevents premature balding.


 Castor Oil For Skin:

Natural moisturizer - Castor oil is easily absorbed and is ideal to nourish your skin.

Works as a face cleanser and makeup remover - This oil works as a gentle face cleanser by removing dust, makeup and other impurities that settle on your skin through the day.


Other Benefits:

Helps reduce stretch marks.

Strengthens brittle and chipped nails.

Repairs cracked heels, making them soft and smooth.

Improves the quality of eyebrows and eyelashes by making them thick and dark.



Hair Growth Masque


  1. In a bowl, mix 1 tablespoon of Nature’s Absolutes Castor Oil with 1 tablespoon of Nature’s Absolute’s Argan Oil, 1 teaspoon of Nature’s Absolute’s Olive Oil and 1 teaspoon of Nature’s Absolute’s Evening Primrose oil.


  1. Gently warm the mixture over very low heat.


  1. Apply the warm mixture to your scalp and hair and massage gently.


  1. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave the masque on overnight.


  1. Wash your hair in the morning with a mild shampoo and follow your daily hair grooming routine.


  1. For best results, apply this masque twice a week. 



Pure, cold pressed castor oil is pale yellow in colour, viscous and has a distinct pungent aroma that may be unpleasant to some. We recommend blending it with another carrier or essential oil before use to mask its aroma as well as for easy application and removal

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